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Our industry knowledge and close customer relationships allow us to bring new perspectives of thinking as well as creativity in solving problems. Our entrepreneurial spirit constantly requires us to discover new and original ways of addressing customer requests. The creative approach to problems ultimately leads to positive changes for customers as well as for their companies.
Our experts who have extensive knowledge in the respective fields and will work to find the best and most original solutions, not just the obvious and light ones. Our experts are motivated to work with clients for their benefit in the most complex issues we have encountered to find new and convenient solutions for our customers.

Our Mission

The goal of our enterprise is to develop a suitable business environment with international rules and standards created by our team of experts with an impressive background in the field.

Our Strategy

Our business strategy is based on the individual approach to each client and the thorough study of his business for a profound and nuanced expertise that will eventually generate original solutions with a real financial impact on customer profits.


ARCLOG is focusing on legal framework and customs law consultation for any start-up, SME, large, international company, or multinational that intends to run or extend the business operations in Republic of Moldova.

Customs consulting

Customs consulting services are provided by the experts in Moldovan customs legislation and regulatory framework based on the international rules and standards:


Evaluation and consulting


Optimization of the customs procedures


Generating clearance solutions for optimal costs


Operational assistance of the customs-related transactions


Representation of interests: within customs and other state administration bodies

Legal Consulting


Consulting in civil

(tax, administrative and penal law)


Processing all types of procedural documents


Legal recommendations


Representation of interests

(within courts and other state administration bodies)


Mediation procedures


Operational assistance and legal support of transactions

IT Solutions

IT project management

ARCLOG offers project management services from design to installation. We will ensure that your requirements are met and implemented, and that the project will fit within the budget and be completed in a timely manner.

By using previously tested methodologies, our qualified and experienced consultants will manage your IT project throughout entire life cycle to ensure that your IT investments bring you the expected benefits.

IT audit services

Knowing the IT assets owned by the company and how they are used has become a challenge for today’s growing IT infrastructure. A typical IT infrastructure model has different assets of various types, and new IT projects implement additional assets to support business objectives. These challenges include tracking hardware inventory through multiple offices and IT platforms, detecting installed and used software applications, and developing optimization and / or migration proposals for complex and modern solutions to your business.

Logistics Solutions

Customs Brokerage

Import/Export/Transit customs clearance operations + Customs Bonded warehouses.

Contract Logistics

We are the contract logistics partner of choice for logistics outsourcing and the management of complex supply chains. Our integrated services include all aspects of logistics planning, control, and execution. From point of origin to consumption, we design solutions that turn your logistics operations from a challenge into a substantial competitive advantage.

Road Freight solutions

Groupage, LTL (less than truck load) & FTL (full truck load) Import to Moldova / export from Moldova:

  • by direct service (without transshipment);
  • consolidations via European HUBs.

Sea Freight solutions

Import & export LCL/FCL

  • via UA (Ukraina) ports : Odessa, Ilychevsk;
  • via RO (Romania) port: Constanța;
  • via MD (Moldova) port: Giurgiulești.

Air Freight solutions

Import & Export via KIV(Chisinau/Kishinev) airport:

  • direct service to/from KIV (Chisinau / Kishinev) Moldova
  • multimodal consolidations: Air+Road via European HUBs.


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